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Frequently expressed drivel (FED instead of an FAQ), part 1

FED: The USSR entered the fight against the Nazis only after UK stood alone for almost two years. This is because Stalin was allied with Hitler before June 1941. Re: Actually, the Soviet Union started actively opposing Nazism and Fascism … Continue reading

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The Warsaw uprising – A short analysis of the Red Army’s role

When Stalin and Churchill met face-to-face in October 1944, Stalin told Churchill that the lack of Soviet support was a direct result of a major reverse in the Vistula sector in August, which had to be kept secret for strategic … Continue reading

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What’s all this then?

I’m starting this blog because I feel the need to have a single place where I could write my observations, critiques and analyses as well as re-publish quotes, passages and links which caught my eye. Just the other day I … Continue reading

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