What’s all this then?

I’m starting this blog because I feel the need to have a single place where I could write my observations, critiques and analyses as well as re-publish quotes, passages and links which caught my eye. Just the other day I was having a conversation about the Red Army’s role during the Warsaw uprising in the late summer of 1944. I couldn’t remember all the details, but even only relying on my memory, I basically knew how to refute the mainstream anti-Soviet view. But I didn’t find complacency in this. I just HAD TO double-check all my knowledge on this subject and try to make a coherent, precise and succinct story out of it. The best way I could come up with was to create an open-document file and upload it to Box.com from where I could review and update the text as easily as possible. I first used this method a year ago when I felt the irresistible urge to respond to revisionist myths and misconceptions expressed in two somewhat related articles on anarchism and socialism. Today I thought to myself, why not simply start a blog? So, here it is. I hope I’ll get the hang of it soon so bear with me if you find it a bit lacking in the technical department. This is all new to me.

Welcome, comrades.

P.S. I’ll try to keep these texts in English (since it’s the modern-day lingua franca, after all), but I may depart from this rule once in a while and post stuff in Croatian/Serbian/Bosnian/Montenegrin (crnski, gorski…) which is my native language (yes, I consider it to be a common language with a variety of dialects).


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